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Typical Step by Step Shutter Installation

We do provide installation instructions for the type of mounting that you order. Below are the typical steps for installing shutters with the Trim Frame. Other types of frames may have a few variations in procedure, but are not usually any more complicated. We are only a phone call away if you have questions.

Unpack and layout your shutter parts. Check labels on shutter panels and frames. Insert corner keys to assemble mounting frame.
A: Unpack shutters and hardware to be sure you have all components. B: Check labels on panels and frames to match up proper parts to proper windows and to determine panel layout. Do not remove any labels until you are finished with the installation.

C: When using mounting frames, insert corner keys to join mitered corners to assemble frames. For some frames, use "Super Glue" on the corner keys to secure the joint.
Assembled corner. Some frames require additional bracket. Fasten assembled frame to window opening with 2 screws only.
D: Slide together the pre-cut mitered corners for a tight and flush joint. E: For the Trim and Casing Frames, screw on an additional bracket on the backside to reinforce the corners. F: Set the assembled frame in the window opening, temporarily screw in the top left and top right screws only at the pre-drilled screw locations.

Hang panels by inserting hinge pins. Check for squareness and adjust as necessary. Fasten all frame screws when square.
G: Hang the panels in the frame by inserting the pins. The hinges are usually already installed on the panels and frames at the factory. H: Check that the panels line up and have an even gap around the perimeter to sit square in the opening. Shift the frame left or right, up or down, as necessary to square up the assembly. It may be necessary to unscrew and reposition frame.

I: When the panels are squared within the frame, fasten the rest of the screws to secure the frame all the way around.
Insert plugs on screw holes. Fasten magnetic plates. Fasten magnets
J: Insert button caps over screw locations.

K: Fasten magnetic catch plates to panels. L: Fasten magnets to frames or sill.
Note: Most assemblies are now made with hidden spring-loaded ball catches that eliminate the need to install magnets, but magnets are still available.

Finished! M: Remove labels, clean up any smudges with a liquid cleaner such as 409 or Fantastic. You are finished!

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