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Shutter Mounting Frames

Examine the illustrations and pictures below to determine the best mounting frame for your situation. If shutters are mounted within the recess of the window opening, this is known as an "Inside Mount". When mounted outside the window opening on top of the trim (if any) or directly on the face of the wall, this is an "Outside Mount".
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Mounting Frames

Trim Frame - Existing Sill
(click for another view)
Trim Frame Cross Section Trim with sill frame
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Trim Frame
The Trim Frame is considered an inside mount and is used for openings with drywall corners and no existing trim on the face of the wall (except possibly a sill at the bottom). Good for out of square windows because the extended trim covers any imperfections. Jamb depth required is a minimal 1-1/4". Provides a wider overlapping trim than the Z Frame (below) and may be ordered with or without Sill Frame at bottom for an opening with existing window sill. The Sill Frame sits flat on top of the window sill.

Note: Left picture shows existing window sill without Sill Frame. Right picture is with Sill Frame. If there is no existing sill, the Trim Frame is used on all 4 sides.

Deluxe Trim frame
(click for another view)
New Deluxe Trim Frame
Similar to the Trim Frame above in application. This frame provides a wider face for homes with heavier moldings and a more formal look. If there are existing window sills, a sill frame may also be used as shown above. But check the extension of your sill to the left and right of the window opening. This frame may overlap up to 2-1/8" on to the wall, so it looks best when the sill extends at least that much too. Picture to left shows a window with an existing sill.
Deluxe Trim Dimensions

Z Frame Cross Section Z Frame
Used for inside mount applications with drywall openings. Good for slightly out of square windows because extended leg covers any imperfections. Jamb depth required is a minimal 1-1/4". May be ordered with or without sill frame at bottom for openings with a window sill. Sill frame will sit flat on top of window sill (see Trim Frame above).
Note: Picture shows existing window sill without sill frame. If there is no existing sill, the Z Frame is used on all 4 sides.
Z Frame with Existing Sill
(click for another view)

L Frame
May be used for inside mounts on windows with existing wall trim and some depth clearance, if window openings are only slightly out of square. Some caulking may be required. Can also be used for outside mounts directly on top of trim or beside the trim on the wall. Used for mounting shutters on French doors. 1/2" extensions may be added to add up to 1" more depth when more clearance is required.
Outside Mount on top of existing trim, L Frame (Left)

Inside Mount inside existing trim, L Frame (Right)
L Frame - Inside Mount with Existing Trim

Casing Frame Cross Section Casing Frame

Used for outside mounts only. May be mounted on the wall face or directly on top of an existing trim that is a minimum of 2 5/8" wide.

Picture at right shows cross section of frame.
Outside Mount Casing Frame
(click for another view)

Mounting Strip Mounting Strip (Left)
Used in conjunction with adjustable bent leaf hinges for inside mounts with no exposed frames. May be used with an extended leaf hinge where clearances may be a problem. Click Clearance link below for more.

T-Post (Right)
Used as a divider to hinge single or bifold panels when openings are too wide to hinge from sides.
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