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Shutters for French Doors

Measure for Shutters on Doors
Take the outside measurements of the glass area, including any moulding around the glass. Also note how much flat space is between the moulding and the door knob area. This is important in determining if a 4 sided frame is possible. An alternative is a 3 sides frame where there is no frame on the hardware side. This is useful if the door knob is too close to the glass.

L-Frame 4 sides
For mounting on the flat of the door around the glass and moulding, add 2-3/4" to the width and height of the moulding measurements. For a 3 sided frame, add just 1-3/8" to the width.

Order as type P1FD, L or R, depending on which side the hinges are located.

L Frame extensions may be required, depending on whether there is any moulding or grids raise off the flat area of the door, the amount of recess of the glass, and the size of the louver.

It may be possible to mount directly on top of any molding around the glass. This usually raises the shutter frame off the door to create a "shadow line". This is an alternative to using the top and bottom frame only (below) when there is a clearance problem with the door knob.

Mounting with 2 sided frame and catches
This application is ideal when the clearance between the moulding and door handle is too narrow.

In this case, add 2-3/4" to the height measurement only.

Order as type P1FD-CR.

Optional 1/16" scribe material may be used on the sides of the panels as a light block. Please specify on order as needed.

Extension frames may also be necessary on this type of mounting.

Note: Catch receiver style may vary from illustration.

Shutters for French Doors are mounted using the L Frame, either on all 4 sides, 3 sides, or on just the top and bottom if the clearance at the handle of the door does not allow for the frame.

Note: "Outside Mount" refers to the L Frame being mounted outside the glass on the face of the interior side of the door, not on the exterior of the door.

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Have a problem with a lever handle that extends over the glass area, preventing you from installing shutters? If so, consider replacing it with a door knob. Also, it is possible to have a cut-out for a lever handle. This does add $150 to the cost of the shutter. If you wish to consider a cut-out, contact us for a worksheet and template.
Another possible solution is a stem extension for the lever.
X-10-DOR door lever handle extensions are available at www.atriumparts.com 888-934-3667, garyb@atriumparts.com. They have extensions to match your existing handles. They are beautiful and work GREAT.